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Free Spirit Salon 

She carries with her a presence, a force that could...'silence an
audience of thousands'.
Writer, Unknown

From the time I was a young girl my passion has always been singing.
From church choirs to the streets of Miami, I’ve always been compelled

to sing from my heart and express the gifts that I have been given.

I started writing at a young age when I was driven to compose
my first song after the loss of my younger sister.

Burdened with tremendous heartache, I foundwriting helped me to release my grievances.

I grew up in a small town in New Jersey, but I would say that I’ve had most of
my life experiences and writing influences while soul searching in South Beach, Miami.

I met a lot of amazing characters there and I enjoyed spending time speaking

to the homeless people and prostitutes, wanting to know their stories

and how they ended up on the streets. I was intrigued by their choices in
life, which gave me so much insight and inspired me to write creatively,

all along helping me heal from my own life experiences.

From there I began composing songs that not only impacted my life but many around me.

I believe a lot of my intonation comes from my deep soul experiences that
shaped and molded me into who I am today. My passion is to
inspire people and to elevate them to believe in who they are.
Knowing that we all obtain special gifts and that we are all
connected as one in this universal playground. I am dedicated
to sing for the wellbeing of our humanity and come with great
devotion to helping those in need.